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Dear Colleagues,

Turkey and the US have years of experience of working together. Trade and investment linkages between the two countries are strong. They are invested in mutual economic interests.

As AmCham Turkey, we have been representing US businesses in Turkey, who are at the same time the business ambassadors of Turkey in the US on trade and investment for the past 15 years. In hindsight, we have gathered our key stakeholders at countless business events and meetings, hosted numerous public officials from the US and Turkey and enriched our messages to serve one purpose: to facilitate the development of US-Turkey bilateral economic relations for the benefit of both countries through delivering upon the needs of current US investors in Turkey and attracting new US investors to our country.

Now, representing more than 100 prominent US companies with operations in Turkey, we expanded our strategy in 2020 to better reflect our added value to our stakeholders in Turkey. Looking at 2020, we will continue to protect existing US investments and trade in Turkey, continue to provide active support to attract new US investments and trade to Turkey, continue to promote Turkey and Istanbul as a regional hub, pursue greater participation in global value chains for our partner Turkish SMEs and participate in the development of world-class diverse talent and improve corporate governance and ethics.

To achieve these goals, we will continue, if not strengthen our cooperation with public and private sector representatives of both countries. The motive behind our work is our willingness to become an even more trusted business partner for the public and private sectors in Turkey and in the US and our unwavering belief that greater engagement and further progress is always possible for US-Turkey economic relations for the groundwork is strong and standing.

That groundwork is nourished by collective commitment. Thus, we gathered together with Turkish Policy Quarterly and our valuable authors to convey that cultural ties between the US and Turkey far outweigh their differences and that the exchange of best practices and knowledge between the two countries results in success stories regardless of the industry.

The continuation of this people-to-people, business-to-business and government-to-government dialogue between the two countries and our ability to communicate across challenges are our recipe for growing stronger together.  

Kind Regards,


Executive Director of AmCham Turkey

Aslı Özelli
Aslı Özelli

Aslı Özelli is the Executive Director of AmCham Turkey.

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