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TPQ’s Winter 2019/20 issue, published in collaboration with AmCham Turkey, titled A Long-Lasting Affinity: Acknowledging US-Turkey Ties, lays out how strong cultural, educational, and professional relationships across different sectors culminate in beneficial partnerships and success stories.

Our dedicated readers will realize that this Winter issue is a continuation of our new brand TPQ 2.0— launched in Fall 2019. With 2020’s excitement and motivation, we will continue to expand TPQ’s orbit and tackle subjects that had previously remained in the background of our vision. In that sense, we are delighted to present the Winter issue in a unique format that reflects our authors’ own perspectives from a much more personal standpoint. Throughout the issue, our readers will come to know the contributors in person—their professional experiences, personal lessons on life and success, the drawbacks they experienced, and even their breaking points in their path to success. Although each input reflects Turkey-US relations from a different sectorial perspective, the interviews and articles all have a key theme in common: unique forms of collaboration between the two countries strengthen bonds across the Atlantic, and provide a basis for a solid and rewarding future.

As we leave behind the first season of 2020, I would like to lay out to our readers what TPQ will be offering throughout the rest of the year. I am glad to say that TPQ will be delving in women’s issues in much more depth than ever before. We will continue our legacy of fostering dialogue around “Women in Diplomacy”, but will amplify the issue by engaging more on “Women in Business”. To that extent, we are committed to offering provocative insights on gender issues, gendered institutions, and wage gaps. TPQ will not only reflect the brutal realities of gender inequality across diplomacy and business, and essentially in all aspects of life—but will encourage our readership to engage more in similar dialogues. We will also continue to narrate global security matters, EU-Turkey relations, cybersecurity, disinformation, and energy— as we traditionally have.

We would like to extend a special thanks to AmCham Turkey and the team in Istanbul, for their continued support throughout our partnership.

An important acknowledgement goes to our premium corporate sponsor this issue, QNB Finansbank. In addition, we would like to thank our online sponsor, Monaco Economic Board, and appreciate the continuing support of our other sponsors Beko, Gordon Blair, Halifax International Forum, MEB, Socar, TEB, and Turcas.

As always, we look forward to your feedback.

Ayşegül Erdem Ventura
Ayşegül Erdem Ventura

Ayşegül Erdem Ventura is the Editor in Chief of Turkish Policy Quarterly.

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